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The Vet Is In June 17, 2004

Dr Dorota Pearson, DVM

More Tips on What to Watch For in Hot Weather

More Tips on What to Watch For in Hot Weather


Last week we spoke of the dangers of snakebite and foxtails to your animals during the summer months.  Finishing up on some of the symptoms of foxtail problems with your pets, if you notice that they are closing one of their eyes, this may signal the presence of foxtail.  We usually put topical anesthetic inside that eye and search for a foreign object.  The foxtail causes erosions to the cornea and can be a serious vision problem if not treated right away.  We also find foxtails in nostrils.  The dog starts violently sneezing.  The sneezing persists and often the dog rubs his nose on the ground.  Sometimes you can see small strings of blood coming out of one side of the nose.  It is important to get foxtail out of the nostril.  The procedure must be done under anesthesia because the nose is so sensitive to any touching.  If you wait, foxtail may travel deep within the head and cause fatal consequences.  Sometimes foxtail damage is difficult to locate because the owner waits too long and foxtail tends to “travel” within the animal.  Always check your animal(s) for foxtail after any walk outside the home area.


One more thing.  Aside from rattlesnakes and foxtail, one of the biggest problems we see is animals being left in a car during summer months.  This can often be deadly!  Please, please do not leave your pet in the car.  Even a few minutes can be fatal with our hot summer temperatures.  As always, any questions, call us at 598 2512.


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