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The Doctor Is In June 03, 2004

Heart Disease


Heart disease in our patients is evaluated with a combination of history, physical exam, an electrocardiogram, thoracic radiograph and echocardiogram. This infomation will help us determine the severity of the disease and whether therapeutic intervention is necessary. Drug therapy is initiated to help relieve the build-up of fluid. Certain drugs may also improve exercise tolerance. Diuretics promote water and salt loss to help relieve fluid build-up in the lungs or the belly.

Enalapril is used to regulate kidney hormones that may overwork the heart. Digoxin is used to strengthen the heart muscle, and helps to slow the heart rate.

After beginning drug therapy, many patients can return to normal activity and have a good quality of life. Repeat episodes of heart failure will occur. If you see any of the signs mentioned earlier, you should contact us immediately. The medications can be adjusted to help achieve balance again.

If the signs are severe enough, hospitalization may be needed in order to provide more aggressive therapy. If you have any questions or concerns about your pet, you can contact Dr. Pearson 598-2512. 





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