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Your Body
      Can Heal Itself!
June 03, 2004

Although we have been talking about oxygen/exercise and water for many weeks, at this time let's review briefly what the 7 secrets to Perfect Health are: 1.Oxygen/Exercise 2. Water 3. Food/Nutrition 4. Nerve Supply 5.Sleep/Rest 6. Peace of Mind 7. Spiritual Balance.

Do you remember what I said was the smallest unit of our body? It is the cells. It has been estimated that our body is made up of 70 trillion cells. Maybe to some people it is a mind-boggling number to fathom. Let me give you an illustration, so you have an idea of what kind of number this is. Suppose I gave you a thousand dollars a day, everyday, for 3 years. Can you guess how much money you will have? You will have about one million dollars. Now, let me ask you another question. How long do you suppose it will take for you to receive one billion dollars if I kept giving you one thousand dollars a day everyday? I will give you a hint. One billion has 9 zeros and one million has 6 zeros, so the difference is 3 zeros, which means that one billion is a thousand times greater than a million. So it will take 3000 (3 x 1000) years for you to have one billion dollars if I gave you a thousand dollars a day. You see, our body doesn't have just one billion cells, but it has more than a trillion, 70 trillion cells! When all these cells are working together and functioning harmoniously, do think you will be enjoying health?

Now, the next question is: Where do you think we got the building materials for our 70 trillion cells? You guessed it right. The answer is food we eat. Did you know the food you ate last night would turn into your heart cells by tonight? What about the breakfast you ate this morning? It will turn into your eye tissues so that you can see. What a miracle of life! Then, do you think nutrition is important?
This week, another of our patients shares her testimony. Meet Amy Harkins:

My neighbor, Fred Harvey, went to Dr. Lim. He had a problem with his back and Dr. Lim had helped him so I decided I’d go and see if Dr. Lim could help me with my bad back. I couldn’t walk very long . . . whenever I was standing I had pain; as long as I could sit down the pain was gone.

He examined me and found that I had a slight scoliosis. He began to work on me. After regular treatments by Dr. Lim I just noticed one day that the pain had disappeared. It wasn’t hurting anymore.

I have attended all three of his Wednesday evening lectures. They’re very good. I have adapted to his recommendations of exercise and increased water consumption.

I just thank God that I went to see Dr. Lim. He’s such a wonderful person.

We thank Amy Harkins for her kind comments and her testimony.

We hope you’ll join us and learn the Seven Habits for Abundant Health. We teach these habits in a series of three Wednesday night meetings from 6 to 7:30pm. They are free, nothing is sold, there is no admission fee. You and your family are invited to attend. Please call to RSVP as seating is limited. Blessings to you and yours.






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